Inside Chatveda

We’re a chat marketing agency with a mission – empower businesses to build relationships with customers and drive sales through messaging apps. We provide end-to-end chat marketing solutions to generate leads, customer support, and brand awareness.

The Agency

At our core is a strong ground in marketing, sales, and brand building coupled with the functional aspects of building customized chatbots and sound technical expertise. When it comes to chat marketing – we’re the whole package.

The Community 

While we’re here to give our clients great results, creating a community of chat marketers and bot builders in India is our pet project and shared dream – one we’re striving to establish every single day.

People behind the curtain

Abid Omar
Co-founder, Head of Bots

Abid is your go-to guy for awesome digital marketing campaigns, growth hacking tips, and the latest news on the startup scene. When he’s not hustling, dreaming up a new project, or raving about chatbots, you can find him at ease in a mountain or a beach.

Also spends the rest of his time skateboarding, swimming and consulting startups around the globe.

Nikesh Ghosh
Co-founder, Biz Head

A complete people’s person, Nikesh is always up for a quick chat or in-depth discussion on getting your business ahead. Starting out as a creative, his knack for building strong client relationships soon saw him venturing into sales and business development roles.

Catch Nikesh off the call and he’ll either be tracking digital marketing trends, dissecting gadget reviews (audiophile in the house!), trying out different cuisines, or gazing lovingly at his cup of (self-brewed) coffee.

Teesha Thomas
Head of Conversations

Teesha is a copywriter and marketing strategist. Over the past decade, her work has helped to build 80+ brands across diverse industries.

As a little girl, Teesha wanted to be an archaeologist.  Today, she wants to learn all about psychology, yoga, nail art, entomology, and UX.  When she’s not traveling, chuckling at memes, or clicking photos of her pets and the sky, she’s lost in a book or reading about behavior design and branding.

The Interns

Rohan Anand
Content Marketing

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