The wait is over. WhatsApp just got a super shiny feature update to its chatbot. Now businesses can use clickable buttons within the chat interface to make the conversations even more engaging and better.

WhatsApp chatbot’s new interactive buttons feature

Let’s take a quick glance at what it used to be, what’s new and how you can get a WhatsApp chatbot with the new interactive buttons.

Let’s Face It, The Old WhatsApp Chatbot Sucked

Imagine having to type in the numbers against each option in your messenger to go for it? It’s like that annoying automated customer service phone call that you just remembered.

That’s how it used to be for WhatsApp chatbots and it pretty much explains why it didn’t make it big. Here’s a screenshot of how it used to be.

WhatsApp’s old boring chatbot

A lot of people, including me, have been waiting for WhatsApp to roll out this new chatbot update with interactive buttons. Ever since Facebook messenger got on board with that, we’ve had our fingers crossed. 🤞

What’s New with WhatsApp’s Chatbot?

Buttons! You know, the kinda ones that stand out so well you’d so badly wanna click it. 😍

Okay, that’s a bit too much, like how I felt when I actually saw the buttons myself. 😃

WhatsApp chatbot’s new update includes the totally necessary buttons that any automated chatbot SHOULD have.

Take a look at it for yourself.

This new feature lets businesses include clickable buttons within the chatbot user interface. 

Imagine this.

You could set up interactive templates of scripts. These automated conversations will progress as the user selects and navigates through relevant routes that you have pre-made.

And WhatsApp lets you add these interactive buttons of two different types in nature:

What It means for your business?

With more than 2 billion users on board, WhatsApp is quite a huge place. And with messaging apps being more preferred by customers to talk with businesses, the potential of what WhatsApp’s new chatbot can do is surely going to change how things are.

And much more 😉

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