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AI assistants on WhatsApp, handcrafted for your business

Skyrocket your business communications, revenues, and make your customers fall in love with your AI assistant built and maintained by Chatveda experts.

Bring your business into the Automation Age with WhatsApp AI

Generative AI-Powered WhatsApp Conversations That Add Value and Drive Growth

Customer Support

With Chatveda’s WhatsApp AI, queries at 2 AM are no longer a hassle! Deliver round-the-clock support and make every customer feel valued.

Sales & Marketing

Think of Chatveda’s WhatsApp AI as your personal sales and marketing guru on WhatsApp, always ready to promote your offerings with a personalized touch.

Lead Generation

Our WhatsApp AI handles the small talk, engages your potential customers, and effortlessly nurtures leads into conversions

Personalized Campaigns

Our WhatsApp AI remembers and personalizes every conversations, making every customer feel special and heard, all in auto-pilot.

Kerala Tourism AI Assistant

Government of Kerala

Maya – the official travel guide on WhatsApp developed for Kerala Tourism, used by 2 Lakh+ users.

Times of India AI Assistant

Times of India

India’s largest read english newspaper generated over $50,000 of ad revenues using WhatsApp AI.

GrowthSchool WhatsApp AI Casestudy


A personal growth assistant on WhatsApp powered by AI made exclusively for GrowthSchool students.

Premagic AI Assistant


An AI-powered image recognition for events and photographers, delivered directly on WhatsApp.


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You’re in a good company!

Kerala Tourism
Rajiv Talreja
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Growth School
government of kerala
Rajiv Talreja

“I worked with Chatveda to create an AI assistant on WhatsApp that could answer about anything seamlessly. They are incredibly helpful, responsive, and very quick to set everything up.”

Vaibhav Sisinty
Founder, Growth School

Vaibhav SIsinty

Take your business to the moon
with just 3 simple steps

 1. Build

We kickstart our collaboration to design and build beautiful AI assistants for your business.

2. Optimize

We monitor and improve performance overtime to optimize conversations.

3. Scale

We set your business up for success by implementing a scalable assistant.

Let us build and manage your own WhatsApp AI assistant

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