Grow your business using WhatsApp Automation

We help you setup a chatbot using Official WhatsApp Business Platform and start growing your business using chat marketing strategies designed by our experts.

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Your potential customers are just a chat away!

We are living in a digital world.

We’ve moved from cash payments to digital payments and from calls to chats!

So….Why not make use of the same to provide better customer experience??

Why use WhatsApp for your digital transformation?

whatsapp automation

Be where your customers are

Let’s give customers what they’ve always wanted, that’s right! With WhatsApp chatbots everything is automated and they take extra care of your customers, on the platform people love! 


No more boring mediocre responses. We make it interesting and engaging by sending customers thoughtful provocations based on their previous conversations.

whatsapp automation
whatsapp automation

Instant & Hassle-free

Welcome to instant responses with Chatveda automations! Customers don’t have to wait for working hours or weekdays, because chatbots take zero breaks!

Oh! Did we tell you that Whatsapp is the everyday app of 2 billion people?

The average open rates for emails are 21% and CTR is 3%, while they are 98% and 50% on WhatsApp respectively.

And an average person opens the app 80 times a day!

WhatsApp + Chat Marketing:

Your unfair advantage!

🎯 Create your own WhatsApp audience

Building lists of customers, to bring them under one roof. Based on their interests and needs, do audience segmentation and broadcast your campaigns and newsletters to the right audience.

🛒 Sell Products & Services

Customers can take the back seat and relax, as you provide them with easy shopping experience. Recommendations and better information will lead a customer to buy your products or services!

📢 Send Promotional Messages

Educate customers about your product and encourage them to go ahead and just make that purchase. Make use of messages to UP-SELL or CROSS-SELL your products or services.

💰 Abandoned Cart Recovery

Did you know that 70% of people abandon carts, but they can be recovered through promotional notifications and re-targeting campaigns, Thanks to WhatsApp!

You’re in good company

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Rajiv Talreja
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government of kerala
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“I worked with Chatveda to create a custom chatbot that could send my workshop materials to students seamlessly. They are incredibly helpful, responsive, and very quick to set everything up.”

Vaibhav Sisinty
Founder, Growth School


Start your WhatsApp Journey today

Customers remember conversations and happy memories elevate customer life time value. A tiny step ahead will take you a long way!

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