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Let’s help you build relationships with billions of customers with your WhatsApp chatbot powered by business API, designed to deliver ROI.

Cut through the noise with
Interactive WhatsApp Chatbots

Engage with your customers on a platform they use every day in a
conversational, full-funnel & personalized way.


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From leads to social-commerce,
WhatsApp Chatbots make business easy.

Generate & Qualify Potential Leads

Use whatsapp bots to generate leads and prospects with an incredible 98% open rate for WhatsApp rich-media messages.

Provide Intutive Customer Service

Take your customer service to the next level with instant responses and rich media on an always-on, interactive, user-friendly conversational platform.

Automated Responses using AI/NLU

With WhatsApp chatbots, Give your customers a superior brand experience with human-like smart conversations designed to answer all their queries.

Send Notifications & Alerts

Conveniently keep your customers engaged and in the loop with customized notifications and alerts like order updates, shipping updates & cart abandonment.

Why work with Chatveda?

Let our experts help you achieve success with your WhatsApp chatbot.

Conversational UX & Strategy

We’ll provide you with chat marketing strategies and intuitive tailor-made chatbots by our strategists and conversational UX experts.

ROI-driven campaigns & reporting

We take care of all your chat marketing needs with end-to-end campaigns + insightful reports to measure your success.

Free WhatsApp API Setup Assistance

Hands-on support to get your WhatsApp Business API approved by WhatsApp with our providers and helps you apply for official green tick.

Affordable & Flexible Pricing

We enable your WhatsApp chatbot with a flat one-time set-up cost and custom no-strings-attached ‘pay as you go’ WhatsApp API plans.

Let’s kickstart your WhatsApp business

Go from idea to launch in less than four weeks with Chatveda.



Get on a call with our experts to discuss your requirements and receive customized whatsapp chatbot solutions.


Get Approved by WhatsApp

We help you verify your Facebook business manager & then apply to WhatsApp to use Business API for your chatbot.



Design & Develop

Let’s create your strategy and campaign,  design a tailor-made conversation flow, and develop your WhatsApp chatbot.


Deploy & Launch

That’s it! Your chatbot is deployed and launched to your dedicated WhatsApp number in less than 4 weeks.

Book a Strategy Session

Send a ‘Hi’ to +91 99951 59722 on WhatsApp, scan this QR code, or JUST click the button below to book a strategy call. 

What’s the deal with Business API approval?

WhatsApp needs to verify your number and business before you use a Business API
for your chatbot –  usually takes 1-2 weeks to complete the full process.

Step 1

Verify your Facebook Business Manager account.

Step 2

Submit your Phone Number for approval by WhatsApp 

Step 3

Sign the agreement with API provider & Get the API key.

Step 4

Apply for official verification (Green tick mark)

WhatsApp Business API providers we work with

“If you get a WhatsApp message, you’re probably going to open it. That’s the interesting thing.”
– Harper Reed

Let’s build your chatbot 🚀

Get started with Chatveda’s WhatsApp chatbot services quickly with a simple one-time setup fee.

*WhatsApp Business API Charges & Monthly platform Fee excluded. 


Do you charge anything to setup WhatsApp Business API?

Absolutely not! Chatveda will assist you setup your Facebook business manager and apply for whatsapp business API free of cost.

What are session messages & templates messages?

Session Messages are the messages you can send to your users within the first 24 hours after a user initiates a conversation.

Template Messages are the ‘paid’ messages you can send after the 24 hours window. But these message templates have to be approved by WhatsApp before sending them.

Pricing for both the messages varies on the API provider.

How does Chatveda pricing work?

Chatveda only charges a one-time setup fee to build your WhatsApp chatbot. If monthly maintenance and management are required, there will be an additional recurring fee depending on the use cases.

How much is the platform & API fee?

Chatveda has partnered with different platforms and API providers, where everyone has different pricing models. We’ll help you find the most cost-effective and right partner for your business.

Is there a INR pricing for Chatveda?

All our plans are billed in USD. If you wish to pay in INR, you can estimate the approximate cost of our subscriptions based on the conversion rates.

For reference, $699 would be ~ INR 50,000 and $1699 would be ~ INR 125,000

Can I use my existing WhatsApp number with WhatsApp?

Yes, you can use your existing number but you’d need to delete your existing WhatsApp account before we activate it as your official WhatsApp API number.

How long will it take to get WhatsApp API approval?

WhatsApp Business API takes 7-14 days to get approved.

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